The Nigeria Immigration Service

The Nigeria Immigraon Service (NIS) is the government agency that is charged with the responsibility of controlling the movement of persons in and out of the country.


Issuance of travel documents, including Nigerian passports, to bona fide Nigerians within and outside Nigeria; Issuance of residence permits to foreigners in Nigeria; Border surveillance and patrol; Enforcement of laws and regulations with which they are directly charged; and Performance of such paramilitary duties within or outside Nigeria as may be required of them under the authority of the Act or any other enactment.


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has eight (8) Zonal offices across the nation, thirty six (36) States commands and FCT with five other special commands across the Federation. The Service also has presence in seven hundred and seventy four (774) local governments and forty five (45) Missions abroad. Each State Command covers a specific geographic area and its personnel under the overall leadership of the State Comptrollers.


Strategic paramilitary organization comprised of twenty five thousand three

hundred and three (25,303) personnel range from Assistant, Inspectorate, Superintendent to Comptroller cadre responsible for all the key immigration duties in migration and border management.

Gate Keeper

Investigate whether any person, body or entity has committed an offence under this Act or the offence of trafficking under any other law. Enter into any premises, property or conveyance for the purpose of conducting searches in furtherance of its functions under this Act or under any other law. Arrest, detain and prosecute offenders under this Act or any other law on trafficking in persons in Nigeria. Trace, seize, detain or retain the custody, for the purpose of investigation and prosecution, of any property which the Agency reasonably believes to have been involved in or used in the commission of offences under this Act or any other law...