The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons

The Agency is the Federal Government of Nigeria’s response to addressing the scourge of trafficking in persons. It is a fulfillment of the country’s international obligation under the Trafficking in Persons Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children.


“NAPTIP” is fully committed to the prevention of all forms of human degradation and exploitation through the coordinated use of the Nation’s crime prevention and law enforcement resources; to stamp out human trafficking and to liberate and uplift the Vulnerable, especially women and children, from dehumanising and exploitative employment and usage; and to ensure thier rehabilitation and effective reintegration into society.


Hands on commitment to suppress and eliminate the scourge of trafficking in persons and child labour in Nigeria and improve the quality of life the traffiked persons through aggresive rehabilitation and victim assisted programmed and rehabilitation and promotion of equality of persons.

Core Values

Integrity, Commitment, Service, Gender Equality, Protection of Human Rights, Victim Protection.


Investigate whether any person, body or entity has committed an offence under this Act or the offence of trafficking under any other law. Enter into any premises, property or conveyance for the purpose of conducting searches in furtherance of its functions under this Act or under any other law. Arrest, detain and prosecute offenders under this Act or any other law on trafficking in persons in Nigeria. Trace, seize, detain or retain the custody, for the purpose of investigation and prosecution, of any property which the Agency reasonably believes to have been involved in or used in the commission of offences under this Act or any other law...