A-TIPSOM Project Enhances Fight Against Human Trafficking with Donation of Comprehensive Manual to Federal Ministry of Justice

In a significant stride towards strengthening the fight against human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, the Team Leader of the A-TIPSOM Project, Mr. Federico Millan, led his team in the donation of 100 copies of the “Manual on Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants for Criminal Justice Practitioner in Nigeria” to Federal Ministry of Justice, Nigeria. The donation was received by the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federal Ministry of Justice, Mr. MB Abubakar.

The comprehensive manual is designed to guide frontline operators, investigators, prosecutors, care givers, and judges in their distinct roles within the criminal justice system. It aims to equip key stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively combat transnational organized crime in Nigeria.

This recent donation follows earlier contributions made by A-TIPSOM to various agencies and organizations involved in combating human trafficking and smuggling of migrants. The recipients include the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) with 200 copies, Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) with 200 copies, Nigeria Police Force (NPF) with 100 copies, Network of CSOs Against Trafficking, Abuse, and Labour (NACTAL) with 100 copies, and the National Judicial Institute (NJI) with 200 copies.

During the presentation of the manual, Mr. Federico Millan commended the dedication of the justice practitioners in ensuring justice for citizens, including victims of human trafficking. He expressed gratitude for their pivotal role in the arrest and prosecution of notorious human trafficker Patricia. Mr. Millan also highlighted the strategic importance of the Ministry of Justice in the next phase of the A-TIPSOM Project, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts.

In response, Mr. Abubakar expressed appreciation for the donation and commended the A-TIPSOM team for their commitment to addressing criminal justice issues. He conveyed the ministry’s willingness to collaborate with FIIAPP in the upcoming project, recognizing the significant impact such engagements could have on strengthening their work.


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