FIIAPP in collaboration with Spanish National Police Trained 30 Nigeria Law Enforcement Agents on improving Trafficking in Persons & Smuggling of Migrants Investigation

21st September 2023, Abuja

The insidious nature of this crime does not exist in isolation; it rapidly intertwines with other organized criminal activities, such as drug and weapons trafficking, and poses a significant threat to global economic stability through money laundering.

Considering these pressing concerns, FIIAPP, in collaboration with the Spanish National Police and with funding from the European Union organized a training with focus on strengthening the investigative and prosecutorial capabilities of Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), and other law enforcement agencies responsible for addressing TIP and SOM perpetrators within Nigeria.

Recognizing the sophisticated global operations of organized criminals, including human traffickers who operate ruthlessly on an international scale, their use of cutting-edge technology, advanced communications, and complex money laundering methods to facilitate their illicit activities.

To address this multifaceted threat, Mr. Federico Millan, the team leader of A-TIPSOM, has engaged with the Spanish National Police to enhance the skills and knowledge of NAPTIP, NIS, and NPF through a special training program. This program covers methodologies, strategies, teaching techniques, practical cases, and legal synergies. The first international training course for 2023  was launched through a three-day workshop.

The workshop which held from 19th – 21st September 2023 in Abuja was used to enhance the competencies of 30 officers from NAPTIP, Police and Nigeria Immigration on identification, intelligence gathering, investigation and prosecution of TIP and SOM Cases.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Federico Millan Maricalva, the team leader of A-TIPSOM Nigeria, said, “the university of knowledge is the basis of any project and  inspiration and that is why we must continue to invest in this journey that gives us the tools to be able to face a phenomenon that I doubt we can eradicate in a short space of time, but we can make it much more difficult for the perpetrators. We are what our feelings and thoughts allow us to be”

Mrs. Caroline Wurola, the Acting Comptroller General of Immigration, lauded FIIAPP and the Spanish Police for their role in organizing the training. She urged the participants to seize this opportunity to enhance their expertise in investigation and intelligence gathering. Her remarks were conveyed by Comptroller of Immigration George.C Didel.

Additionally, Prof Fatima Waziri, the Director General of NAPTIP, offered her congratulations to the trained officers through her Director of Legal Department, Bar Tahir Hassan. She encouraged them to disseminate their newfound knowledge to fellow officers within their respective agencies.

Mr. Fernado Alvarez Moriano, the training facilitator and Chief Inspector of the Spanish National Police, commended the participants for their dedication to learning. He also expressed gratitude to the A-TIPSOM Team and project partners for their warm reception and support.


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  • Baba Shehu H says:

    A TIPSOM have done more than expected to Nigeria security agencies through trainings workshops,seminar how to eradicate and prevent TIP/SOM in nigerian and create awareness of dangers
    Of TIPSOM to Nigerias

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