A-TIPSOM Holds Capacity Building Workshop for Legal professionals to Enhance Justice for Trafficked Persons

The trafficking of children and women is one of the greatest violations of human rights in the world today. Children and their families are ensnared by the empty promises of the trafficking networks, promises of better life, of an escape route from poverty and every year, hundreds and thousands of children are trafficked across borders and sold as mere commodities or engaged in hazardous work. Majority of the victims who were rescued do not get justice.

Access to justice is extremely important because if laws aren’t implemented, people won’t have their rights. If justice isn’t accessible, there will be injustice. This has a negative impact on individuals and wider effects on the society as a whole.

Hence, as part of The Action Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in Nigeria Project (A-TIPSOM) which is funded by European Union, the International and Ibero American Foundation for Administration and Public Policy (FIIAPP) organized a two-day capacity building workshop on 26th and 27th November 2020, to increase awareness action on trafficking in persons among the legal professionals thereby, creating awareness on the rights of victims and to enhance access to justice for victims of trafficking.

The workshop was facilitated by National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) had in attendance: Nigeria Bar Association, International Federation of Female Lawyers (FIDA), Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, National Human Rights Commission (and others yet to be identified) to create legal resource hubs in key selected states where VoTs can get assistance.

Speaking at the opening session, the A-TIPSOM team leader, Mr. Rafael Rios appreciated the participants for their interest in providing legal services for victims, and reiterated the commitment of FIIAPP towards enhancing protection and assistance to victims in Nigeria, as well as strengthening the capacities of relevant agencies.

Also, the Director-General of NAPTIP, Bar Julie Okah-Donlie who was represented by Director of Legal Department, Mr. Hassam Tahir, commended European Union and FIIAPP for their supports, and called on the participants to join hands with NAPTIP in curbing human trafficking.

A-TIPSOM is a project funded by the EU and implemented by FIIAPP with the aim of reducing the trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants at national and regional level and between Nigeria and the EU with specific emphasis on women and children.


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