Nigeria promotes the fight against trafficking and trafficking in human beings

A-TIPSOM achieves the signing of four memorandums of understanding between FIIAPP and Nigerian stakeholders, such as the police, immigration services and NGOs.

The main agents fighting against trafficking and people trafficking in Nigeria have strengthened their collaboration through the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) that aim to contribute to reducing trafficking in human beings within the framework of the A- TIPSOM Nigeria project, which is financed by the European Union and managed by FIIAPP. 

The project, which started its activities in June 2018, has formalized four MOUs: (Memorandums of Understanding) that are multilateral agreements committing the signatories to undertake a common action. 

The most recent of them encompasses civil society in the project, and it concludes the complex MoU signing phase. Likewise, an agreement has been reached between the Network of Civil Society Organizations Against Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour ( NACTAL ), the network of NGOs against trafficking, abuse and child labour, the Nigeria Immigration Service ( NIS ), the Nigeria Police Force ( NFP ), and the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons ( NAPTIP ).   

The signing procedures in Nigeria were carried out by the team sent by FIIAPP, which is handling the project in the field and led by Rafael Ríos Molina, who signed as a witness along with the FIIAPP General Secretary, Inma Zamora. Furthermore, previously signed MoUs have taken place with the NIS, NFP and NAPTIP. 

The signing of these four MoUs is intended to be a key element in the project’s execution framework and to facilitate the development of activities, as well as collaboration among all the organizations involved. 

Regional Cooperation 

In addition to A-TIPSOM, FIIAPP is managing another project in the West African region: ECI Niger .Representatives of both projects met with the three participating Nigerian government institutions and the Interior Attaché of the Spanish Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. The meeting served to exchange information and promote cooperation at the regional level. FIIAPP, for its part, has encouraged negotiation to operationalize the execution of the agreements.


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