Action Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in Nigeria

This project aims to enhance Nigeria's management of migration by more effectively addressing trafficking and smuggling of human beings.

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Our main objective is to reduce trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants.

In this regard, the Nigerian government’s capacity to address the problem will be enhanced with a special emphasis on women and children, the main victims of trafficking.

A-TIPSOM can be summarised in five more specific objectives, also known as the five Ps: Policies or the reinforcement of institutions and the legal framework; Prevention through awareness-raising and training activities: Protection of victims; Prosecution of traffickers and smugglers; and partnership or coordination with the agents involved.

Over a four-year period, experts from the Spanish National Police Force will work on the project to further improve cooperation on a national, regional and international level. Spain plays an important role in this project, as it is one of the main destination countries in the EU.

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The five Ps

A-TIPSOM approach to fighting TIP and SOM

In order to effectively and efficiently support the reduction of trafficking in persons (TIP) and smuggling of migrants (SOM), the A-TIPSOM Project adopted the <5Ps> approach in its outcomes as stated below.


In order to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach towards the prevention of irregular migration and fight against smuggling of migrants and human trafficking, Outcome 1 will reflect different views and approaches of all relevant actors and stakeholders working in the field of migration during policy formulation at different levels.


For effective implementation of national migration management policies and laws it is key that front line actors, who are in the direct contact with migrants (i.e. border guards, immigration, customs, police, judges, prosecutors, NGOs, and other relevant security agencies) are well informed. Thus, Outcome 4 will focus in building the capacity of these officers and equip the Agencies in order to enhance identification, investigation and prosecution of traffickers and smugglers.


To increase the awareness of the general public towards preventing both trafficking in Human beings and smuggling as well as to avoid potential migrants, Outcome 2 showcases the crucial role of mass media for appropriate and accurate information dissemination of the risks and consequences of irregular migration and THB to general citizens.


For a more effective cooperation at National, Regional and International levels, Outcome 5 is structured for a robust partnership and international alliance (including within the European Union) in the fight against trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. Especially, as it concerns police and judiciary cooperation.


To bring about adequate protection, return and reintegration of victims of trafficking and smuggled migrants back in their communities, activities under Outcome 3 will be geared towards an effective functioning of a referral and cooperation mechanism between stakeholders involved.


We work with our stakeholders to ensure a responsible and sustainable project, and to increase our positive contributions.


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